My experience as a Content writing intern.

writingAn internship after the third semester was a compulsory one at my university. And so I embarked on a journey of hunting for Ad agencies in Bangalore, which help me pursue my one-month internship as a content writer. Eventually after a long search and bide, I stumbled upon Mindfleck Pvt Ltd, one of the best content writing agencies in Bangalore and had approached them regarding the same. I was put through one round of oral and another round of written interviews after which I landed the internship.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

–Benjamin Franklin

Content writing is quintessential for every web-based company. In the era of digital marketing, a good content writing and marketing strategy has become vital as the famous saying goes ‘content is the king’. The one-month internship as a content writer at the most creative content writing agency, Mindfleck Pvt Ltd was an incredibly enriching one.  I as a person, who identifies as reticent and an introvert, but a better communicator with written words, am glad to have had this opportunity as my first ever stepping stone into the world of writing. Mostly my write-ups are topics of human interest, emotions and life in general and the writing at Mindfleck Pvt Ltd is strikingly different from my comfort zone.

“If I waited for perfection… I would never write a word.”

—Margaret Atwood

Mindfleck Pvt Ltd creates value-added and relevant content for blogs, websites, and e-magazines to generate a buzz on social networking sites which increase the online visibility. Their forte is in digital marketing services for which they offer content development services such as product descriptions, blogs, and articles, with Search Engine Optimisation techniques. They understand how exactly to present ideas in a unique, simple, straightforward way, to make it appealing to the readers, especially those who are interested in the client’s business.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

—Richard Bach

I was trained under the able guidance of an experienced senior content developer Ms. Shraddha Chetry, under whom I have learned the nuances of article writing, blogging, website content writing, content writing for digital marketing etc. She is a senior content developer, who is an exceptional and professional blog writer, creative content writer and excellent article writer and has a unique personality and a great style to keep the text engaging.

“The Six Golden Rules of Writing: Read, read, read, and write, write, write.”

—Ernest Gaines

As a creative professional in one of the best content marketing agencies in Bangalore, Ms. Shraddha understands how the major search engines work and what people are searching for when they visit particular websites. This, in turn, helped me in understanding the functionality of writing for websites. She makes sure that their clients’ website content is relevant and engaging enough to create curiosity for consumers with excellent writing skills in different styles and tones. She generously shared the knowledge of her familiarity with keyword placement and other best SEO practices and an understanding of formatting articles for the web which helped me a great deal in my writing quest.

“Failure is success if we learn from it.”

—Malcolm Forbes

At Mindfleck Pvt Ltd, I have been assigned the task of article writing and blog writing and writing for websites with absolute belief in me, that it boosts the level of confidence in any fresher or intern like me. The creative freedom at Mindfleck Pvt Ltd as a content writer is just astonishing. There is flexibility to write on a diverse set of topics and for a wide range of audiences. As a content writing intern, I have been introduced to a plethora of new fields and skills. I have learnt about the Search Engine Optimization and its effect on traffic from Mindfleck’s most talented SEO strategist Ms. Suvarna. She helped me understand the technicalities like On-page & Off-page writing with great patience which in turn helped me get acquainted with diverse areas, both technical and non-technical, during my research for writing field-specific articles. It also helped me understand how different forms of writing impacts different people. I was taught the minute and intricate details and differences in the art of writing in a very holistic way, which helped me to approach towards my writing with a unique and nourished perspective.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert



Trust the Betrayal.

The world is so chaotic yet simple. Huge yet small. Distant yet reachable. It’s all the perception of a person that matters. Perceptions have the power to make or break our world. The choice is all that makes a difference. Whether it is conscious or subconscious, the decision once made, sets the perspective, and the world will reel out through in that light. The world is as dynamic as each person, their unique choice, and their view.

Amidst these many perspectives and many different perceptions of the world, standing bona fide to our self-conscious becomes most challenging. Getting ourselves to trust people is yet another trial.
But can we cease to trust people? No, being betrayed shouldn’t stop us from having faith in people. Duplicity should teach us to trust more, learn more life lessons from our mistakes. Such experiences should give us the courage to believe people and not be pistanthrophobic because it will be a different relationship, a different person, a different belief, a different deceit and a different lesson.

All these various experiences through various mistakes make life all the more interesting. Let’s trust more. Being betrayed makes us better people.


The contradiction in conversations between the various voices within and around me is what keeps me alive.

Humanity is complex. These complications are because of the duality or the multiplicity of the core schema of human beings and its’ ideology.

Being self-contradictory is alright. Learn to deal with it, or rather live with it. Sort your mind out. Feel alive. Love those contradictions and controversies of the multiplicity in human beings.

Then there comes the point, every day, every second wherein you ought to be genuine and honest to that one person who is YOUR-SELF.

Let the hypocrisy not creep in.Let the paradoxes go hand in hand. Have harmony in the contradictions. Be multiple characters. Be YOU.