Trust the Betrayal.

The world is so chaotic yet simple. Huge yet small. Distant yet reachable. It’s all the perception of a person that matters. Perceptions have the power to make or break our world. The choice is all that makes a difference. Whether it is conscious or subconscious, the decision once made, sets the perspective, and the world will reel out through in that light. The world is as dynamic as each person, their unique choice, and their view.

Amidst these many perspectives and many different perceptions of the world, standing bona fide to our self-conscious becomes most challenging. Getting ourselves to trust people is yet another trial.
But can we cease to trust people? No, being betrayed shouldn’t stop us from having faith in people. Duplicity should teach us to trust more, learn more life lessons from our mistakes. Such experiences should give us the courage to believe people and not be pistanthrophobic because it will be a different relationship, a different person, a different belief, a different deceit and a different lesson.

All these various experiences through various mistakes make life all the more interesting. Let’s trust more. Being betrayed makes us better people.


Author: Flower Child

On a journey of self-discovery. An episode of Universe's story.

One thought on “Trust the Betrayal.”

  1. Very nice. I’m proud of u. The expressions r really beautiful. Your effort to understand life will definitely influence the reader. I like the perception that life is becoming more interesting in the Midwest of all confusions. Certainly true. Hiran aunty

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